Teaching Philosophy

Music is an essential part of our lives. We listen, we sing, we study, we live in a world of music. It brings us joy, it motivates us, it helps us get through the hard times, it makes us grow. Therefore, music plays the crucial role in the development of the young mind. Learning to play piano promotes better information processing, improves motor coordination, helps to establish new neural connections, increases memory capacity, improves attention, creativity, and concentration. Also, everyday practicing impacts patience and forms discipline. Playing the piano is not just about pressing the certain keys at the correct time. It is also an ability to express your feelings and share stories through the music. It teaches to appreciate beauty in the world. It is my goal to develop a love for the wonderful world of music and form a strong connection between young souls and music.

As a teacher, I clearly express my expectations. It helps students to reach their goals. Whether teaching a future music professional, or an amateur who will play music for life, I aspire to create a well-rounded musicians. In an engaging and interactive manner, I encourage my students to master their skills – emphasizing good technique, encouraging performing art, gaining solid sight reading abilities, building a well-founded theory base, and a strong sense of rhythm. In a supportive and fun atmosphere, I inspire my students to learn new skills and master music pieces to enjoy playing the piano for the family, friends, and themselves.

Every child has his/her own personality and a different ability to learn. From the first lesson, I try to recognize student’s strong sides and create an individual plan targeting to elevate the existing abilities of the child and enable his or her talents to bloom even more.

I provide a comprehensive music education through the private 30 min, 45 min, and 60 min lessons depending on the individual needs of the student. Every lesson includes technique, repertoire, sight reading, ear and rhythm training, basic theory, and fun games. I prepare my students for the competitions, festivals, piano and rudiment RCM exams. I want my student to be able to play any music they want by ear or from the sheet. I encourage my students to experiment with creating their own music, using knowledge and skill they have already got. That’s why listening, reading, performing, improvisation and composition are always the part of the lesson.

Introducing the new piece begins with listening and creating the visual image. I never tell the students how the piece should be played. By encouraging to participate in the analyzing the music, getting acquainted with its style, structure, and elements, I prepare them to play the piece successfully. I believe that this creative approach helps the student stay motivated and progress more quickly. While the classical repertoire represents the major part of the studied material, each student’s curriculum is always tailored to the personal needs.

Although an emphasis of the lesson is always placed on the gearing the students with practical skills and theoretical knowledge, I supply my students with knowledge for establishing a practicing routine at home.

Everyone can learn and progress in piano studying with a teacher’s creativity, patience, and passion. Being willing to adapt to a student’s method of learning I strive to make learning fun. Learning to play piano should not be a chore but rather a game.

I hope you will join me in this wonderful journey to the amazing world of the music!