Anna Williams, Vancouver, 2013

Valentyna has passion for music and teaching.  Her lessons are well-designed and very efficient. While teaching my children music Valentyna managed to strive the balance between gentle encouragement and positive discipline. She has this great talent to manage time, to be able to plan, and work toward her students’ goals.  Valentyna taught my children to work hard and become successful in what they do. She encouraged my children to perceive every musical experience, to feel deeply music character, and to think of its purpose. Her mentoring children to analyze in details each piece of music and her step-by-step approach boosted their self-esteem, improved their concentration, and fostered further their interest in music. As a parent I was very impressed after my children mentioned to me that Valentyna carefully selects a piano repertoire for each of my daughters after listening to their preferences. I am thankful to Valentyna that she managed to re-discover interest in music in my young daughter who was about to quit all her piano lessons. The way to success even as little as playing fluently a piece of music or getting a certificate with honors for music theory exam is not always smooth, but Valentyna is always supportive and creative finds new ways to help my children to learn and enjoy music. Valentyna is always open to discuss my concerns and find solutions to my questions. She keeps me informed of my children’s progress regularly. I am very grateful to her that she cherished my children’s personalities and tailored music programs for them that built their confidence, respect, and feeling of joy. The most important thing that she taught them is that they can accomplish anything they want if they will work hard for it.